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Call Out


Apply today for the chance to showcase your artwork along side some of the most talented artists from around the world.


Both traditional and digital works are welcome. The opportunity to be selected as one of our artists to be part of Ink Gallery collections, well as online viewing and sales through our website.

Ink welcomes all artists, professional, amateur and students to submit work. We look forward to seeing your artwork and meeting you during the exhibition. 

Artists need to ship the work to us, we can recommend fast and reliable couriers if you ask for it to avoid any delays. Artists are to organise the return of the works, we will do the packaging and attach the labels onto the package stress free. 

*Due to complications with transport and importing overseas, physical artwork applications for the exhibition are currently only open to UK based artists, however any international artist will have the chance to display there work digitally using our many displays. Ink gallery is not liable for any loss or damages during transit, this is the couriers responsibility and negligence. 

If artworks are prints or on paper, they must be framed and mirror plated when shipped. If works are being sent with no frames, it is the artists responsibility to provide framing and mirror pates to Ink gallery. Ink is not responsible for providing frames for the artist. However we are happy to sort out the framing for you if frames and mirror plates are provided and shipped to us with the artist's works. 

Artists who have been confirmed are @createdbyimrie, @Jonkiddartist go check out their instagrams.


  • Artist's who have been selected by the Ink Team, will have their artwork(s) become part of the Ink collection of artworks, where artists work will be displayed regularly in our main gallery space.

  • Artworks sent by the artist will be on a regular change over and 30% commission will be deducted if any works are sold. 

  • Artworks will be handled as stock by Ink Gallery and will be stored in Ink Gallery collections for 6 months.

  • Exciting opportunities to be interviewed by the social media team for Close Inkounters and promoted by Ink Gallery.


All work entered should, if required be insured by the artist against loss or damage whilst on the premises of ink. The gallery will not insure any works and cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage however caused. 


Permission to use images for publicity purposes, copyright remains with the artist.


  • Applications for physical works are only available to UK based artists  

  • Applications for digital works can be accepted from UK and International artists

  • Unfortunately at this time we can not offer digital products for sale, however in the future we will be developing this service.

  • This Call out is open to all artists and students 18 and over

  • A maximum of 3 works may be submitted per applicant

  • Works can be of any art practise e.g. Painting, illustration, mixed media and sculpture.

  • Physical works must be within the maximum size limit of 100cm x 100cm

  • Physical works must be for sale with a minimum of £100 price range

  • Physical work accepted and sold at the exhibition is subject to a commission of 30% payable to Ink. Prices cannot be advertised as negotiable or altered during the exhibition 

  • The work is executed by the artist and declared their bona fide property and that no other person has any financial or other interest in the work

  • All entries must be made online accompanied by a digital image, name, medium, measurements, price for each piece.


Submit your Application for physical/virtual exhibition. Follow the easy steps of the submission form. Its free to submit an artist application. 


All artist applications are reviewed by the ink board of judges.

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