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Craig Imrie known in the illustration world as Createdbyimrie is part of ink gallerys collections and previously been a featured artists showcasing their illustrations at Ink Gallery's Issue 1 exhibition.


Imrie is the reigning UK Digital Champion of 2021 and 2022 and the Co Creater of the World Collides Series.

We are looking forward to having this prestigious artist as apart of the Issue One showcase!

He is a lover of all things bright, colourful and robotic. Imrie started life as a digital artist but is now finding more enjoyment out the traditional side.


List of artworks being exhibited:


  • Big Brother, Acrylic Paint on board
  • 47 Oni First Edition: 1, Acrylic on Board


You can folllow CreatedbyImrie at their social links here:


Craig Imrie (CreatedbyImrie)

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