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Izzy Larter is part of ink gallery collections, she has previously exhibited at both open call exhibitions Issue 1 and Primer. 


Izzy Larter is inspired by Japanese artists such as Akiya Kageichi and Aya Kato. Izzy Larter blends character and pattern design that is reminiscent of the vienna secession scene that, is closely related to art noveau like artists like Gustav Klimt. 


Izzy Larter begins their process by sourcing reference imagery and begining with primerlery sketches that are ways of her exploring compisitions through storyboards in her sketchbook. She then develope the storyboards on a larger scale.


The concept behind the painting "Starweaver" is:


'A starweaver is a mythical being with the ability to retain all the memories and weaving (magic) abilities of their previous lives. The name "starweaver" comes from the theory that when a person dies, the process of their chaos (also magic) returning to its original source, The Veil, creates a physical reaction: the birth of a star. So a starweaver passes through to the Veil and into their next life whilst being completely aware of it.
Starweavers are said to be those who have communicated closely with one or more of the six original Gods.' - Izzy Larter


The artwork Izzy Larter is on display as Ink collections


  • Starweaver, Mixed media markers on canvas - 50 cm x 70 cm
  • Untitled, Acrylic paint on canvas

  • Master of the Black City, Acrylic on Canvas


You can follow Izzy at

Or can contact Izzy for commissions here:

Izzy Larter

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