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Adadad is part of ink gallery collections and has previously exhibited here as an Open call artist for Primer, a showcase of painters internationally and UK based artists.


Adadad is the creature duo of artists based out of their studio in beautiful Llysfaen, taking inspiration from the breathtaking coast and mountains of North Wales. We experiment with the densities and composition of paint itself and explore their relationship with light and heat to produce vibrant, dynamic, abstract compositions. The movement of the paint expresses the Rayleigh-Taylor instability in the eternal struggles of densities and destinies. Our works pay tribute to the "accidental painting" technique pioneered by 1930s Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros, but with modern pigments and additives, allowing us to play with paint's viscosity and weight. You may find hidden images, dreamscapes, glimpses of fire and meaning - or maybe just some pretty patterns.


List of artworks by Adadad being showcased at Ink Gallery Collection:


  • Conflict/Resolution, Acrylic on canvas - 41 x 51cm (16"x20")
  • Dragonmind: Contours and Tributaries, Acrylic and Secets on canvas (Currently in storage)
  • Dragonmind: Gold and Solitude, Acrylic and Secrets on canvas


If you would like to support Adadad, you can by following their social media links:

Twitter: @adadadart


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