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Nomadic Nubbins loves playing with pens, being creative and the childish joy that making art brings to his life. He is a bit of a shy sausage who likes making art which is full of mistakes as they lead to unexpected surprises, exciting developments and strange ideas he could never have thought of. His work, in many ways, acts as a contemporary cave painting, a playfully abstracted portrait of moments in time to be recorded, life ambitions to be lived and the general nonsense that pops into his head, making him laugh at how absolutely absurd his brain is!


Nomadic Nubbin's artwork is being displayed at Ink Gallery:


  • Theo Toothsmith's tremendous tussle with the turgid trappings of tiresome Tuesdays - Mixed Media on Paper (Framed), "42cm x 33cm"
  • The Bull Who Tamed Moon & Flame -Mixed Media on Paper (Framed), 61cm x 40cm
  • Love, Death and Disinfectant - Mixed media on Board
  • Nomadic, mixed media on paper (Framed)
  • Whole Lotte Love, Mixed media on Board
  • Web Old Bob's Booozie Do, Mixed media on paper (Framed)
  • Sunny Days & Love Soaked Ways, Mixed media on Board


You can follow Nomadic Nubbins social links here:

Nomadic Nubbins

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